A Tale about a Yellow Dog Named Dakota for Dog Lovers Ages 1-5!

Authors Roger Edwards and Gail Matthews, along with Children's Book Illustrator Shaun Crum proudly present a children's self-esteem book featuring a yellow dog named Dakota! Together with his friend Nashton, (a character based on Roger's very own nephew) Dakota goes on a journey to search for his bark. This colorful picture book offers an upbeat message about self-confidence and self-discovery.

A Book for Kids Inspired by a Very Special Yellow Lab Named Dakota!

For several years now, Roger Edwards has volunteered for various Labrador Retriever rescue organizations. He has especially enjoyed fostering the puppies. But he didn't do this alone. Dakota, his four-year-old yellow lab helped him. After Roger adopted him, Dakota was right at home teaching the puppies how to behave. What he could not do is teach them how to bark.

Dakota has never barked. Every so often he'll make a funny noise while he sleeps. Surely he must be dreaming about his favorite activity which of course, is chasing his red ball!

Dakota! Finds His Bark is the first of three children's picture books inspired by Dakota, the yellow lab with a very long furry tail. Get your copy today so that you and the children in your life will be inspired to find the bark within each of you.

Edvardson Publishing Children's Picture Books

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