A New Children's Picture Book on Self-Esteem and Purpose

Do your childhood memories include someone reading a captivating story to you? Your favorite book was undoubtedly colorful, full of imagination and more than likely featured an unforgettable animal.

Evardson Publishing is pleased to introduce an original tale guaranteed to charm children ages 1-4. "Dakota Finds His Bark" delightfully engages young listeners and readers as they follow Dakota the yellow Labrador Retriever on his quest to find his bark!

Appealing in its easy to read format, attractive illustrations and winning messages of friendship and self-assuredness, "Dakota Finds His Bark" is certain to become a favorite addition to any child's library. Equally as colorful, full of imagination and featuring an unforgettable animal as the stories which were once a part of your childhood, this beguiling tale will most certainly lodge into the memories of today's child and for generations to come.

Roger Edwards, Author

When Roger's nephew, Nashton, was born he was inspired to finally do what he'd been putting off for years. He finally decided to write and publish books about his dog, a yellow lab with a long furry tale, named Dakota!

Roger's first children's book, Dakota! Finds His Bark is dedicated to his nephew Nashton and was a gift to him on his second birthday. And of course being an Uncle to several nieces and nephews Roger now has many more children's book to write.

Gail Matthews, Coauthor

Intertwined with her talents as a trained singer, successful stage director, theatre arts instructor, and creative storywriter, Gail Matthews has a devoted fondness for dogs! A fortunate meeting with Roger 12 years ago has led to a collaboration which introduces children to the stories of Dakota and other whimsical characters. It is the hope of both authors that just as Dakota finds his bark, the readers too will learn how to voice their own confidences and purpose.

Shaun Crum, Illustrator

Shaun Crum is a freelance illustrator whose main focus is on Children's Book Illustrations. His goal is to provide self-publishers and other authors quality illustrations for a very affordable price. Originally from Medina, Ohio, he has been drawing for as long as he can remember and eventually earned a degree from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. In addition to drawing, some of his other interests include running, hiking, consuming large amounts of candy and Cheerwine. Until now, his failure at learning how to play the banjo has been his best kept secret!

Shaun's website is www.shauncrum.com